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Power Rangers Trivia

Since "Power Rangers in Space", the red ranger has had special armor. Red Battelized Ranger in PRiS, Galaxy Armor in PRLG, TransArmor Cycle Armor in PRLR, and Fire Battle Warrior Armor in PRTF.

Since "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy", the red ranger has had his helmet broken. "Journey's End Part III" in PRLG, "The Fate of Lightspeed Part II" in PRLR, and "World's Apart" in PRTF.

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", "Power Rangers in Space", and "Power Rangers Wild Force" are the only three series that have had a black ranger instead of green.

The Yellow Rangers in "Power Rangers Zeo", "Power Rangers Turbo" and "Power Rangers in Space" are the only ones who wear skirts like the pink rangers.

Tommy and Eric are the only rangers who have defeated a giant monster without the use of zords. Tommy in Dino Thunder, and Eric in Quantum Secrets. Cole in Forever Red could be counted, but maybe not because he used a tranforming bike from a god against Zedd's zord.

Andros, Leo, and Tommy have all tried to defeat a monster without using a zord. Andros in Never Stop Searching, Leo in Race to the Rescue, and Tommy in Dino Thunder.

David Yost (Billy) is the longest-running original cast member of Power Rangers. He was a Rangers for three seasons and then for another season of fifty-four episodes as the tech-support of the team.

Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam) is the third-longest running Power Ranger in the series appearing in 143 episodes, including the episode of Power Rangers in Space "Always A Chance".

Amy Jo Johnson, Austin St. John, David Yost, and Walter Jones all attended fellow cast-mate Thuy Trang's funeral.

Two former Power Rangers have appeared in the "Devil May Cry" video games. First was Dan Southworth and then Johnny Yong Bosch joined. Johnny also did the motion capturing as well as the voice of Nero in "Devil May Cry 4".

Johnny Yong Bosch became the first ever leader to be a Black Power Ranger, taking lead of the team in the cross-over episode of "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive".

Blake Foster was the youngest Power Ranger ever.

In a 2004 contest by ABC Family, Jason (Austin), Trini (Thuy), and Kimberly (Amy Jo) were voted the best Red, Yellow, and Pink Rangers ever.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

In both Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers and the japanese version Kakuranger, the White Aquitar Rangers is female and the leader.

David Yost was the only member of the cast to appear in ever episode of the three seasons.

The reason the White Ranger looks different from the other rangers is because he came from the Japanese counterpart Sentai Dairanger. The original five came from Zyurangers. The White Ranger is the only ranger from Dairanger used in the US version of the series.

Because of the production running longer than planned for "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie" they also shot "The Wedding Parts 1-3" in Australia. Thus the Angel Grove and Command Center scenes were all recycled footage explaining the reason for Aisha's hair changing and the helmets that keep chaning places. The villian-related scenes and the morphed scenes were all shot separatly in the US.

Lord Zedd and Rita's wedding is based off of a traditional Jewish wedding. Lord Zedd wore a yarmulke and broke the traditional glass under his foot. And during the party the song "Hava Nagila" was being played.

Pyrotechnics used in Billy's brain-switching machine accidently caused David (Billy) and Amy Jo (Kimberly) to catch fire. Since then , Amy Jo has had a real fear of special equipment on sets and remains wary of them.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

The first Power Ranger feature to completely use original and new material. Nothing was used from the Japan series.

Originally Thuy Trang (Trini), Austin St. John (Jason), and Walter Jones (Zack) were going to be in it, but weren't since they were let go after disputes with their contracts.

The new costumes weighed fourty pounds and sometimes filming took up to ten hours a day while being in the suits.

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly) and Karan Ashley (Aisha) both suffered back pain after filming their scenes because of the heavy ranger costumes.

In order for his tongue to match his purple body, Paul Freeman drank black currant juice, held it in his mouth and spit it out before each take.

Gabrille Fitzpatrick (Dulcea) was originally replaced by Mariska Hargitay because she had to have an operation immediately to remove an ovarian cyst. Several weeks later Mariska was let go because the crew felt that she didn't fit the part. Gabrielle was given the part back after she recovered from the operation.

Nicknamed "Ranger Actors" by the crew, the stunt people for the six rangers were uncredited in the movie. They are: Hien Ngyen (White), Stuart Quan (Red), David Wald (Blue), Danny Stallcup (Black), Bridget Riley (Yellow), and Sophia Crawford (Pink).

Johnny Yong Bosch ended up doing all of his own stunts, including the morphed scenes because his stuntman Danny had been injured and couldn't continue with the film. So Johnny accepted the offer to take his place.

The set for The Temple of the Great Power included a functional waterfall, pool, and the huge door that opens to reveal the pyramid of Great Power. It was the largest set made for the movie, taking up an entire soundstage.

The ancient ruins of the Ninjetti Temple was built eight feet off the ground and took up so much space it was equal to both the Command Center and Lord Zedd's temple combined.

The line "I'm a frog" was ad-libbed by Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam) who then insisted the director use it in the movie.

Power Rangers Zeo

David Yost was not present for the filming of the final Power Rangers Zeo episode he appeared in. It was provided by archive footage and an uncredited voice actor.

Zeo is the last season to use the phrase "It's Morphin' Time!" It would only be heard again when Adam used his morpher in his two guest appearances and Jason in "Forever Red".

The voice of Prince Gasket, Douglas Sloan, was also the former story editor for "Mighty Morphin'", the story editor for "Zeo" and the following "Turbo". He later became a producer for "Ninja Storm" and "Dino Thunder".

Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie

Jason David Frank (Tommy), Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam), Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly), and Austin St. John (Jason) are the only four main actors to appear in both movies (not including Bulk & Skull). However Jason and Johnny are the only ones to appear in both movies as Power Rangers.

Because of reports that Nakia Burrise (Tanya) and Jason David Frank (Tommy) wanted to leave the series Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly) and Austin. St. John (Jason) were cosidered to be their replacements (in their origianl ranger roles) instead of being Divatox's captives. This would mean that Kat would become the Yellow Turbo Ranger in the movie and continue as such in the TV series. However both Amy Jo and Austin declined due to the exhausting work hours demanded for the TV series and Nakia and Jason ended up staying.

While an original script for the movie included a romance between Kimberly and Jason, it was cut for the final movie, but there are still hints towards a romance in glaces and such.

Ever wonder why on the back of the VHS/DVD releases for the movie there's a picture of Kat using a flame thrower? You never see her with one during the movie. It was actually a cut scene involving a crocodile attacking Tommy and Kat using the flame thrower from the Power Box on it when it came out of the water.

David Yost (Billy) was originally supposed to leave the series during the movie, but had to be written off when David left during Zeo.

An early script of the movie (in an interview with Johnny Yong Bosch) had Divatox's henchmen destroy the Zeo Rangers, their weapons, and zords. The Zeo Crystal however, remaind whole. Thus the Turbo power were created. It was all cut and replaced with Kat's attempt to use the Zeo powers while falling from the cliff.

Walter Jones (Zack) was asked to appear in the film, but he declined when he learned he'd have to give up his Screen Actors Guild card to join.

It started snowing while they were filming the scene with Kat hanging from the cliff. Catherine Sutherland was told not to breath so as not to have the condensation from her breath showing.

In a scene on the Ghost Gallean, Tanya (Nakia Burrise) was supposed to hit a PutraPod monster with the onboard cannon. When she did, the cannon went overboard and filming had to stop while they retrieved it.

Amy Jo's (Kimberly) fear of pyrotechnics from an accident during "Mighty Morphin'" had her asking the actors who played the island inhabitants to make sure they didn't carry her anywhere near the special equipment.

Power Rangers Turbo

"Power Rangers Turbo" is the only series that did not have a sixth ranger.

Tracy Lynn Cruz and Blake Foster were the only rangers in the second season of Power Rangers Turbo who actually were martial artists.

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were originally planned to be the main villians for "Power Rangers Turbo" with Divatox later returning to join them.

For the first season, the morphing footage was from the used from the movie (except for the inclusion of the glow from the belt that made the Blue Ranger taller). Thus, when they're morphing for the tv series the numbers aren't on their suits since they were added after the movie for the series.

Blake Foster (Justin) is the only ranger actor to be in the entire Turbo series.

When Mad Mike starts his giant cooker, the buttin he presses says "Start". But all the other shots have the buttons in Japanese from the Sentai series.

The picture of Divatox on the milk carton Elgar holds up included the following information. Female. DOB: Unknown. Hair: Purple. Eyes: Two. Last seen trying to destroy the city.

In "Beware the Third Wish" one of the coins the monster pulls from the fountain was a Canadian two-dollar coin.

When the rangers did the movements to morph, the key was ususally inserted behind the slot and instead into the wristband. This was because it was difficult to get the key in the slot.

Power Rangers in Space

Even though the five Ninja Turtles appear at the end of "Save Our Ship" and in the following episode "Shell Shocked" none of the original voice or stunt actors were used, because the Ninja Turtles was a Canadian show and the Power Rangers was a California-based one.

The Mega Voyager is the first Megazord to lack the word "Zord" in its name.

Recycled suits from another Saban show "Big Bad BeetleBorgs" were used to create the monsters the Body Switcher turned into. The original monsters were Unctuous, Cataclaws, Firecat, Rocket Man, and LottaMuggs.

Another recycled monster from the BeetleBorg series was the Mole Monster from the BeetleBorgs Metallix episode "The Poe and the Pendulum". He was used as the monster Destructoid.

Cassie, T.J., Carlos, and Ashley are the final rangers to be given a new power source after the last one was destroyed.

"Countdown to Destruction" was originally going to be three parts long, however Fox had only approved fourty-three episodes and this would have made fourty-four. Cut scenes included more fighting, the rebels of KO-35 facing an army of Quantrons & Piranhatrons (can be seen in the preview after "A Line in the Sand"), and the Phantom Ranger's identity being revealed.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

The military battle/training uniforms are exactly the same as the ones in the 1997 movie "Starship Troopers."

Skull (Jason Narvy) only appeared in the first episode because Jason wanted to return to school so his characters was written out. He did return though to appear along with Paul Schrier (Bulk) in Power Rangers Wild Force's "Forever Red".

When Karone is undercover as Astronema she wears the same black braided wig she wore in Power Rangers in Space from "Save Our Ship" to "Never Stop Searching".

Patricia Ja Lee was asked to replace Valerie Vernon (Kendirx) who had to leave, as the Pink Galaxy Ranger, but declined when a contract couldn't be drawn up to her liking. This included the fact that she would be placed with Russel Lawrence and Amy Miller at the end of the opening, thus getting less pay then the other five rangers. Thus Melody Perkins was brought in to reprise her role as Karone and take the place of the Pink Ranger. Neither her nor Russell have anything in there credit to show they are rangers. (A point Patricia didn't like). Valerie Vernon's credit remained in the opening for the rest of the series.

The film in "Double Duty" was a re-make of Space's "Star-Crossed Lovers" in the episode "A Date With Danger".

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Amy Miller was originally going to reprise her role as Trakeena. She was on the set, in costume, ready to go. But a contract dispute caused her to walk off the set, and a replacement had to be found.

One of the monsters in the Demon Underworld in the final episode is EyeGuy from "Mighty Morphin'".

Power Rangers Time Force

The Quantum Ranger is the first sixth ranger to have special armor.

In "Power Rangers Time Force" Circuit's original name was 'Digit'. The name was dubbed 'Circuit' through the first few episodes. On the new Time Force Fighter Ranger toys, the Pink Ranger comes with a miniature Digit.

The episode "Circuit Unsure" was dedicated to the memory of the former original Yellow Ranger Thuy Trang.

The episode "Quantum Secrets" was dedicated to the memory of Minoru Uchiyama.

The movie the Rangers go to see in "Beware the Knight" is called "Frankie Chang vs the Ant People". Frankie first appeared in "Movie Madness".

The last series to be produced by Saban Entertainment.

"Time For Lightspeed" showed the first complete ranger team-up with twelve rangers.

The show Nadira is crying over in "Quantum Secrets" is "Masked Rider", another Japanese sentai show, Americanized by Saban.

In "Movie Madness" Part I, the first waitress seen in the tavern as Wes and Trip enter is Jason Faunt's (Wes) fiancé.

The world of Aquitar reappears in the first episode. An Aquitian is seen during the coutroom scene.

In the Japanese counterpart "TimeRanger", Gluto was the main badguy, and Nadira was a shape-shifter.

In "Trust and Triumph", Circuit announces "Mutant attack at the Trade Center." After 9/11 the line was re-dubbed to "Mutant attack at the Induistrial Center".

Also, post-9/11, a shot of the Megazord standing on top of two tall buildings (in the opening) was replaced as well.

Power Rangers Wild Force

Alyssa is the first Pink Ranger to be called the White Ranger.

In the PRWF episode "Forever Red", the Machine Empire Generals were in the old suits from Saban's "Big Bad BeetleBorgs/BeetleBorgs Metallix." Venjix was Shadow Borg, Gerrok, was the Green Hunter Borg, Tezzla was Lady Borg, Steelon was Dragon Borg, and Automon was Lightning Borg.

In "Forever Red" when the Red Space Ranger and the Red Lightspeed Ranger are fighting Steelon, they take cover behind some boulders. A side view with Andros closer to the camera shows an eye and the bridge of the nose of the stunt person inside.

In "Forever Red" Leo's parts were all digitally added because of a contract dispute so he wasn't going to appear. They struck a deal, so all his scenes were filmed alone and he was added to all the group shots. This is apparent when on the moon he arrives with Andros, and the two de-morph, the following long-shot has him morphed again. Later when the rangers put their fists together, Leo's is missing beause they couldn't fit his in. And as the rangers are walking back to their cars, Leo's off the side, walking with them.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Tori is the first female ranger to be a color other than yellow, pink, or white: Blue.

Dustin is the first male non-Japanese ranger to be the Yellow Ranger.

Hunter (Adam Tuominen) is older brother to Blake (Jorgito Vargas Jr.) in the series. In reality, Jorgito is three years older than Adam.

Most of the cast had to adopt American accents because the show is directed towards U.S. markets.

New Zealand hasn't aired an episode of Power Rangers since 1994, having deemed it too violent.

The first Power Rangers to have only one female ranger.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Tommys address in Dino Thunder is 1992 Valencia Drive. Mighty Morphin began production in 1992 in Valencia, California

In Legacy of Power the only rangers not seen unmorphed were Joel (Joel Robinson) and Cole (Ricardo Medina Jr.).

In Legacy of Power the following was not covered: Aqutian Rangers, Tanya joining, Blue Senturian, Dimitria seen but unnamed, Phantom Ranger, Karone as either Andros sister or Pink Galaxy Ranger 2, Death of Zordon, Mike Corbett, and Magna Defender.

The following clips made up Tommys video diary in Legacy of Power:
MMPR1: Day of the Dumpster, Green with Evil Parts 1, 2, & 5
MMPR2: Green no More Part 2, White Light Part 1 & 2, The Power Transfer Part 2
MMPR3: Ninja Quest Part 1 & 3
PRZ: A Zeo Beginning Part 1 & 2, A Golden Homecoming
PRT: Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Shift into Turbo Part 1 & 2, Passing the Torch Part 1 & 2, Chase into Space Part 1 & 2
PRiS: From Out Of Nowhere Part 1 & 2, Survival of the Silver
PRLG: Quasar Quest Part 1 & 2, Journeys End Part 1 & 3
PRLR: Operation Lightspeed, Ryans Destiny, The Fate of Lightspeed Part 2
PRTF: Force From The Future Part 1 & 2, The Quantum Quest, The End of Time Part 3
PRWF: Lionheart, The Lone Wolf
PRNS: Prelude to a Storm, Thunder Strangers Part 1 & 2, Return of Thunder Part 4, The Samurais Journey Part 2 & 3, Storm Before The Calm Part 2
PRDT: Day of the Dino Part 2

Tommy (Jason David Frank) is always shown wearing long sleeve shirts because Jason has tattoos on his arms.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Takes place in the year 2020.

Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta is the first, since filming moved to New Zealand, to start off with the original five rangers and to have two female rangers.

The video game that Jack and Sky play involves Blue Senturian (PRT) fighting Cycloter (PRLR).

KO-35 now has there own satellite prison.

Piggy's new cafe named "Piggy's" includes on it's menus: Crawly Combo, Garbage Can Surprise, Chicken Bedpan Stew, Sock Soup, and Mystery Muffins.

Patrons to "Piggy's" have included: Conwing (PRTF) and Chameliacon (PRTF), Crocotox Blue (PRiS), a Gatekeeper (MMPR:TM), a Tenga (MMPR), Izout and an alien with the head of Dash (PRTF) an alien with the head and arms of Rocketron (PRLG), Cyclopter (PRLR), a GoGoV #45's monster (PRLR/unused), Chameliac (PRLG), an alien with the head of Ironspike (PRTF), an alien with the head of a Gatekeeper (MMPR:TM) and the body of Dragontron (PRTF).

The A-Squad Rangers helmets are the helmets of the Lightstar Ranger in Power Rangers in Space, except the black ranger's has been recolored to green.

Because of new guidelines from Disney, bullets and missiles were no longer allowed to be shown. So the Sentai footage was edited to change them on the Red and Blue Rangers Zords to lasers. But the smoke coming from them can still be seen.

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